Dimensions:  79″ tall x 72″ wide x 48″ deep

*The booth you see listed to the right is the same style booth that will be at your event.  We have 5 booths in Indianapolis and they are all identical.  So there is no guessing what will show up at your event.*



  { You’ll LOVE our Photo Booths }


There is nothing complicated about our photo booths.  We make it easy so all you and your guests have to worry about is having FUN!!

{ Friends + Props + Photo Booth = Unforgettable Memories }

1.  After reserving the photo booth, you will be assigned a representative that will be with you every step of the way.  They will help you customize the photo booth experience to fit perfectly into your party.

2.  The day of your event, one of the Happy Snaps Photo Booth Hosts will arrive at your event at least one  hour prior to your scheduled start time to ensure everything is ready to go when you first guest arrives.

3.  Your photo booth host will assist your guests with the photo booth and help get the excitement started.  The photo booth is unlimited during your rental time; your guests may visit the booth as often as they want.

4.  Guests will select their pros, get in the booth, and take a series of 3 or 4 photos.  After each photo the guests will see a preview of the photo that was taken.

5.  As the guests exit the photo booth, their photos are printing and will be ready within 10 seconds.

6.  The guests will receive one photo strip as a party favor and the other strip is for you.

7.  If you selected a scrapbook, your photo booth host will put your photo strip into the scrapbook and instruct your guests to write a message beside their photo.

8.  The scrapbook/guestbook will be filled with photos and messages from your family & friends and will be delivered to you by the end of the event.

9.  After the event, digital photos are uploaded to a password protected website.  Your guests may then log on and view and download as many photos as they want for FREE.  They also have the option to order prints and have them delivered to their doorstep.