Scrapbook Fun

{ Our Scrapbooks, and why we LOVE them }

We use Creative Memories albums because we believe they are the best on the   market.  We want these memories to last a lifetime so we selected the best product on the market to store all of your funny and amazing memories in.  We only use scrapbook photo tape (no glue sticks here) and photo pens in the scrapbook.

Happy Snaps Scrapbook Example 1

{ So you want to know what all the hype is about? }

It’s not just that fact that we use the best album out there.  We assist your guest throughout the night to design the album and delivery it to you at the end of the evening filled with all the photos and messages from your family and friends.  This album is priceless.  You will look at it all night and it will be something that stays in your living room for everyone to look at!